Annie Mello

As a health and fitness coach, I have been striving to push people to their ultimate goals for the past 10 years. Making a difference in someone’s life and helping him or her reach personal goals is what drives me as a coach. There is no better feeling in the world than seeing someone set a goal for themselves, and then achieve it through hard work and perseverance.

I am an advocate for many different avenues of fitness, and value the importance of healthy living. With fitness and nutrition you can obtain goals you never thought possible. Every time you complete a workout, you prove to yourself that you can do something you didn’t think was attainable. Every time you choose to make a healthy decision instead of the one that you know is not the best, you improve drastically! 

Let me show you how fitness and nutrition can make not only made a positive impact on your body but also on your life!


With my clients, I focus on getting clients to gain knowledge about fitness and make healthy choices for themselves. It is my passion to show others that incorporating health and fitness into their daily habits doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, it can actually be fun!


Goal setting isn’t just about physical goals (although that is often where I start with clients), it is also about mental goals. In my own practice, I have been able to use my experience to change my mental outlook on situations, improve my marriage and relationships with others, and set some lofty goals for my future.  


CrossFit Level 1 Certified
CrossFit Endurance Certified
CrossFit Nutrition Certified
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certified
CrossFit Kettlebell Certified
CrossFit Kids Certified
Certified Yoga Instructor
Weightlifting Certified – 24 Hour Fitness
Cycle Certified – 24 Hour Fitness
Hip Hop Instructor – Spectrum Club
American Heart Association CPR and AED Certified



"When I was first introduced to Annie it was through CPM Fitness. My thoughts and goals were only about exercise at that time. Annie has brought so much more than just improving my fitness level. I have been introduced to meditation, nutritional alternatives, alternative forms of exercise such as yoga and just learning a whole new way of thinking regarding my best self/health. Annie sincerely wants you to achieve your goals no matter where in your journey you are. She will cheer you on every step of the way."


"Annie has been my health and fitness coach for several years. On a weekly basis she specializes my workouts and continues to help me grow and see results with my nutrition and overall health. I have Celiac disease and Annie has met with me and suggested ways to improve my diet, meal frequency and portion size. After our nutrition discussion Annie emailed me meal ideas with the recipes included! Annie also sent follow-up messages to ask how things were going and if I needed any additional information. Annie was easy to talk to, full of great information and made me feel completely comfortable while I talked to her!"


"I cannot say enough good things about Annie. Her knowledge, compassion and infectious positive attitude make working out fun (definitely not something I would have ever thought I would say!). She has an amazing ability to help you get to the heart of your concerns and issues and works to help you find solutions that lead to real lifestyle changes. If you are looking for the real deal Annie Mello is it!"